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We are able to leave the POG plug-in running in whichever space of our locker room facility we chose and use the portable POG in our equipment bags when traveling. Both units work amazing, they are small, efficient and easy to use. We have seen an improvement in the spaces we treat, as well as our equipment in bags while on the road. From what we have seen so far, I am very impressed with this technology. We will continue to use the POG Ozone units both at home and in our locker room, and on the road to ensure that bacteria and odors are eliminated.


As the Head Equipment Manager of the Vegas Golden Knights I oversee all our facilities and needed an advanced yet simple and cost-effective way to kill odors and protect our players from harmful germs. The POG has done just that for the large facility I oversee. I have put the plug-in units in multiple areas with success and peace of mind. The ease of use and portability makes these units a must in any facility.


I am currently in my 13th season as Head Equipment Manager for the NHL’s Washington Capitals. I started using the chargeable POG units in our goalie equipment shipping hampers and our game skate shipping hamper this past September and have found it to be a great addition in fighting equipment odors and protection from harmful germs. We use the plugin units at our practice facility in Arlington, VA as well as various rooms at our game rink. Using the chargeable units is simple and easy to use. As soon as our games or practices end, I simply activate the units by pressing a button and place all three units in our hampers for traveling. When we reach our destination, I can automatically tell the difference in the smell. Every equipment manager knows that distinct odor that comes when you unzip that player bag after a game! The POG units will change that immediately!

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